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Subject: Your lipstick turns him OFF
Subject: Her makeup looks flawless, but this opens a man's heart
Subject: He doesn't love you anymore? Don't be so sure, here's why....

Right before he arrives, she checks her dress, then her hair and finally, her lipstick. She just wants to make sure everything is in place because that’s what’s going to open his heart, right?
Here’s what opens a man’s heart…

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As much as men are visually stimulated, that only gets his attention. What makes his heart burn with desire for you is when he feels an emotional connection. At that moment, starts beating faster.

When you're within 3 feet of him he gets excited just listening to you talk and smile at him. After he's said goodnight, all he can think about driving home is the smell of your perfume as he texts you "Tonight was magical."

Yes, he loves how your makeup enhances your beauty, but it's not what lingers in his mind for days after he's said good night.

See, men fall in love in stages, and each stage has a unique emotional trigger that creates a deeper bond with him into the next stage. Once he reaches Stage 5, he's yours forever. What stage is he in right now? Find out here...

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{Your name}

Swipe #2

Subject: Why does he get so UPSET - when I've done NOTHING wrong???
Subject: He's suddenly quiet...was it something you said?
Subject: He doesn't love you anymore? Don't be so sure, here's why....

Hi it's [your name here],.

I get emails from hundreds of women every month that have lost the man they love... and they always ask me, "Do you think he ever loved me?"

My heart goes out to them...

Because they believe once a man says, "I love you," that he'll never leave.

Unfortunately, that's just not true.

Truth is... men fall in love differently from women.

In fact, they go through 5 different stages before they truly bond to a woman....

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You see...

The biggest problem with men is:

They confuse passion with bonding.

That's why a man can make promises in the heat of passion and then completely forget about it a week later.

I'm not making excuses for me...

But I'm begging you not to make the same mistake of confusing intimacy with intensity.

You see, intimacy is stage X out of five stages.

You need to know what all five stages are...

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Once a man goes through all five stages...

He'll do everything in his power to make you happy.

His heart will skip a beat whenever he hears the sound of your voice for the rest of his life.

Yes, it's that powerful.

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(Your Name)

P.S. Every man I've ever known has fallen in love in this predictable pattern.

In fact, you'll see how easily a man can fall “out” of love if even 1 of these steps is skipped.

Seriously, you really need to see this…

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Swipe #3

Subject: When he’s cold and unloving, he’s actually vulnerable
Subject: Turns your cold distant man into a love-sick puppy *Use with caution*

Hi it’s (your name),

If there was one pattern I see over and over again it’s this:
After a few amazing dates (or even one) the guy is head over heels in love.
Texting 5-6 times a day….
“When can I see you again?”
“I had such a good time last Saturday.”
“All I can think about is your smile.”

Then you notice it stops.

You rack your brain trying to figure out what “mistake” you made and when you can’t find anything, here’s why – it’s not your fault. Here’s what turns your cold distant man into a love sick puppy.

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See, men fall in love differently than women. They go through stages and when you know the right trigger to apply at each stage, waves of desire will return and melt all of his doubts.

He’ll try and act like he’s in control but when he’s alone he fantasizes about you for hours, just dreaming of when he’ll be able to see you again.

His pulse will race whenever he hears your voice as he constantly checks his phone to see if you’ve texted him back.

This is what happens when a man goes through the bonding stages. All he needs is this spark to melt his cold heart.

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(Your name)

Swipe #4

Subject: The REAL reason men fall out of love *Must Read*
Subject: He's not in love with you until THIS happens
Subject: How to know if a man really loves you


Hi it's [Your name here],

Do you know the moment a man falls in love with you?
Most women think it’s when he says the words, "I love you."

But have you ever had a man tell you “I love you” then fall out of love days, weeks or even months later?
Most men...  even when they say those words, they mean them in that moment; but often they aren’t emotionally bonded to a woman. This is how you know when his love for you won't fade away:

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Because when a man suddenly “falls out of love,” it’s easy to think he never loved you in the first place;
But what if he does love you, and he just needs help getting “unstuck?”
Here’s how to draw your cold, distant man back to your warm embrace

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And here’s what’s critical for you to know...
No matter what he tells you.
No matter how much you rack your brain trying to remember all the “mistakes” you made…

It’s not your fault.

Men HAVE to go through these "5 Bonding Stages" to fall in love with a woman.
When a man pulls away, it isn’t because you’ve done something wrong: it’s because he’s “stuck” at a certain emotional stage and panics, often leaving a wonderful relationship.
Here’s what to do when he goes through the doubting stage (because all men do)…

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Swipe #5

Subject: He was "done" until she did THIS
Subject: After "the fight," he was done; this changed everything
Subject: She thought it was over until she tried THIS - 6 months later he proposed

Hi it's (Your Name),

Let me tell you a quick story.
Stacey had an airplane pilot boyfriend.
He called her every day... until they had "the fight".
I'm sure you've had "the fight" too.
The one that stopped the relationship cold in its tracks.
Stacey thought it was over.
But she decided to try something weird.
She sent a 3-word text to her boyfriend and six months later...
They were engaged!
What happened?
She discovered a "psychological trigger" that works on ANY man.

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This trigger makes his stomach flutter the moment you walk into the room.
It literally changes his brain chemistry because it targets the specific bonding stage he’s in.
It sounds crazy, but Bob Grant has shown over 4,000 women this secret passage way into the heart and mind of a man.

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What's more --
This isn't some mind game or trick where you manipulate his feelings.
You're simply "activating" what's already inside him...
But is afraid to come out.

It starts with discovering what stages he’s in and using the trigger words for that stage. Do this tonight, and his pulse will start racing.

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Swipe #6

Subject: Every man has a Secret Button - Push it and he'll feel a jolt everytime he touches your hand
Subject: His heart is trapped. Only this button unlocks his love for you
Subject: All he needs is a spark; this flames his passion for you

Hi it's [your name here],

Let me take you into the heart of a man for a second. Around his heart are walls of steel that are unbreakable.

Those walls guard his heart until that one special woman gently pushes the secret button that unlocks the iron gates that keep him from his one true love.

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Now most women miss this key part: It isn’t simply a phrase or a look - it’s much deeper than that.

You see, every man goes through 5 stages before he gives his heart to you forever, and each stage has a specific button...

How fast he goes from Stage 1 – just getting to know you to...

Stage 5 - Deeply bonded for life, where you hold his heart in the palm of your hands.

Push the right button, and he speeds down the tunnel of love like a bolt of lightning.

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Just a static zap, he’ll feel an electrical jolt every time he touches your hand in public.

As you playfully push the Secret Button, he’ll slide closer to you in public...

As he looks deeply into your eyes to remind you how much he loves you.

His heart is trapped behind those walls of steel.
Just waiting for you to gently push his buttons.

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Swipe #7

Subject Line: I Hope Your Guy Never Says This..

Subject Line: 7 Words Every Woman Fears (What to do so you NEVER have to hear them)

Subject Line: Do THIS if you feel he's about to BAIL on you..

Hi it's [Your name here],

What are the 7 words that every woman fears?

“I’m sorry it’s just not working out.”

And yet those words are becoming more and more common in today’s “Plenty of Fish Society.”

Men are being told that "hooking up" is the way to go.

But what if you could awaken a man’s deepest desires for you? Stand out from all the other "fish"?

So he falls so deeply in love with you that he becomes immune to temptation?

>>> [INSERT LINK] Do THIS if you feel he's about to bail on you

In my experience 9 out of 10 women don't realize until it's too late that men fall in love differently than women.

Because even when he can’t keep his hands off of you....

Even when he daydreams about when he’s going to see you again...

Even when he tells you he loves you something inside of him remains cautious.

This removes all doubts...

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Do you know what I'm talking about?

Like when you sense the kitty on your lap is getting ready to "bail"...

He may be with you, but sense he's looking for the exit?

This is because of a primitive protective shield around his heart that tells him “don’t let her get too close."

Just like the kitty...

Hold him too tight, and he'll bolt.

Put your finger on this sweet spot in his heart and he's all yours.

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- [Your name here]