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What a FINISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1st Place - Jordan Hall ($1500 first prize)

I am still sitting back in awe at your hundreds of front end sales. Relentless, humble and dashing don't begin to tell the story of your mastery with your list. Congratulations on another contest championship and the BONUS cash you so clearly deserve.

2nd Place: - Sunny Ar ($700 prize money)

I thought you were done, packed your bags and headed to the beach but NO! You opened your box of magical potions and unleashed your trademark DESIRE email that had your list members begging to buy. Congratulations on leaping into 2nd place and $1000!!

3rd Place: Derek and Mark ($700 prize money)

You were in a heavy-weight fight with 2 of the baddest brawlers and you more than held your own. I watched your mastery as you smoothly pivoted from one offer to the next. Your list loved the steady offers that had them clamoring for more and more. Only a pro's pro could have pulled this off. Congratulations on a well-earned 3rd place finish and your cash prize.

4th Place - Chris Haddad ($500 prize money)

Mr. Moneyfingers, the party wasn't complete until you joined us. A nice steady diet of sales throughout the week before a final Sunday bomb. Not only did you secure 4th place, but an additional $250 bonus for your excellent work on Sunday.

5th Place - Nick and Eric ($400 prize money)

Congratulations on another top 5 finish, even though you've promoted our offers for years. Even after a week's worth of promotion, you still dialed it in on Sunday to capture the weekend $250 bonus. I would expect nothing less from the Dynamic Duo, but which one of you is Robin? Thanks for joining our party.

6h Place - Carlos Cavallo ($300 prize money)

Mr. Smooth. With a big push, you leaped over some tough competition and landed in 6th place. That is no small feat my friend.

7th Place - Carol Allen ($200 prize money)

I wondered all week, "Where is Carol?" Little did I know you were lulling everyone into a false sense of security. With one tiny email, you; made the top 7, collected the weekend bonus and totaled over $2,000. That's what I call a good day.

8th Place - Mark Ling ($150 prize money)

Team Ling, I wondered if you were don, but I should have known better. With a final day pus, you secured your place on the wall of fame and collected extra cash for your growing family. You were born for internet marketing, and it shows every time you grace our contests. Congratulations on your weekend bonus as well.


Thank you for everyone that participated. It was my pleasure to have you join us and over the coming weeks/months I'll look to return the favor and mail for your offers as well.




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